19/07/2017 - Education can change the world

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Let's educate a girl child in Uganda.

Many girls are facing a lot of abuses and early childhood marriages hence killing their brighter future.

Let's join hands today.

28/02/2017 - PLEASE HELP

One of the orphanage children called Nalubanga Asha Hope. Is undergoing an intestinal operation right now. Your prayers are very welcome and your support.

The operation costs 1823 euros and so far 1400 euros have been got for her process of saving her life. She has a tumor in her intestines.

Please well wishers and donors, friends of Wama children of Uganda or Wama Development Foundation.


Ground foundation of our orphanage home is done, we seek to raise the walls now.

Director and Administrator of WDF, orienting the premises,

we need more Bricks and 100 bags of cement and 35 trips of sand with stones, so we can say to Renting Good bye.


Today's fieldwork, took us to one of the widows who has 4 children who need support to educate her children and also construct a house, its too devastating and the situation is tough on her side .

Please the door is open for any one willing to take in any of these children and a favor for a home contact us through our contact page on our websites, in Uganda, Uk and Germany.




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