19. November 2017

The boys in their free time from school, its awesome to see the play a game that unites them, they forget all their ethnic roots and look at themselves as one family under WDF.

Even though there is a lot of political instabilities in Uganda, we thank God who has kept them safe at their respective school.

12. November 2017

Nakato very happy after her sponsor bought for her dresses and shoes , thats when you see a child's joy knowing by christmas she will be the lady of the day at the orphanage.

 Thank you mummy Deborah from USA .

22/10/2017 - greetings

Greetings from Resteyto her godmother Sabrina in Germany.

19/10/2017 - sewing machines

Women sewing group begins by next month. And we are looking at teaching or imparting economic knowledge in these widows so that they can sustain themselves while at their homes. We are looking at purchasing 30 sewing machines as they learn from our foundation offices . all bags and products made will be sold outside of Uganda or even in Uganda to improve on avulnerablr mother's income to support her family.
In Uganda men leave or abandon their homes and families due to fear ...of responsibilities and some of the men die leaving the family helpless .
Project : Rescue a Ugandan mother with a sewing machine
Begins next month.
Your very welcome to stand with us.


Our children planting green vegetation in the foundation compound.



One of our sponsored children is admitted in the hospital. He has tyhoid. Prayers for his healing are very welcome.



Yesterday some of our sponsored children wanted to say THANK YOU to their sponsors in the different countries. Look, what they have created for their Sponsors......


This month of October, WDF is looking at initiating a house for elders, a home for our guardians who are so old, who lost their children due to HIV/AIDS, hence them leaving grandchildren to them in their care.

In the Picture is Nangobi Zulaika, aged 70 years but living in a small hut house with 3 of the orphans being supported by WDF. We are called to care for the elders and the vulnerable, as we tackle on the Basic needs, a conclusion was made by the baord to raise a structure.

Your very welcome in providing a roof for this grandmother email us on: info.wdfuganda@gmail.com.



This was a milestone at WDF, since we started educating youths and children in Bugiri in Uganda.

 Mr Mususwa now has his degree in social work.

 He has been volunteering since two years back. The foundation has been giving a hand.

27/09/2017 general school meeting

Today we had a great general meeting in the orphanage school about struggling to provide education by building the community school for the orphans.


Its a good day and a great blessing for the two of our friends from Michigan, Kate and Megan, who paid a visit to our foundation and helped in carrying out a research in our children on the skin diseases and the elderly in Bugiri and the near by districts.

 They were a blessing.

In the picture they were teaming up with our project manager: Babirye Jane.

We thank Megan, Kate for the contribution and support of the orphanage doors. We got 3 metallic doors, its always a blessing to see that the foundation grows daily and the vision being visualized on our foundation premises.

The future for the many children is daily getting clear.

 This far, we thank our Germany donors, american donors , and the UK donors.

 We are heading there in Jesus Christ's name. Amen

05/09/2017 - KEY Facts

1.Uganda is among the top 10 countries for high maternal newborn and child mortality.

2.HIV/AIDS is the second leading cause of death among adolescents.

 3.Malaria, diarrhoea, pneumonia and infections like HIV account for more than 70% of under 5 deaths.

 4.Although basic health care is officially free, families meet 61% of their children's health care costs.

 5.There is a lack of trained health workers, health centres frequently run out of drugs and only 58% of births are attended by a skilled provider.

 6. High levels of stunting, iodine deficiency and babies born with a low birth weight cause the country to lose $899 million worth of productivity every year.

 7. Nearly one-third of children do not have access to safe water


WDF welcomes you to stand with it in combating these issues about.

With a humanitarian heart we can make the third world countries better places for children and women to live in.


Today we have had a wonderful meal with all the children, metron´s and staff at the new premises of the foundation. It was a great moment for everyone.

 Glory to be God!


Some of our children wanted to say THANK YOU for everything. We are so happy to show you these happy faces from the children.


We Thank Patty Scott, Jason and Julie from USA for helping us in roofing the permanent orphanage structure for the children and offices.

The children are very happy, we are on the step of putting in the doors and windows and making the floor cemented.

God bless every giver in support to the children who are homeless.


Thank you so much. Out of the 100 USD you sent another friend added us 120 USD and we have managed to buy some timber to roof. With 2 iron sheets. More prayers. God bless you Patty in USA and Lisa in Germany.

 The orphanage rooms and the foundation office. Needs more of your help.

 We need 73 iron sheets and 3 metallic doors, 6 wooden doors and 8 metallic windows.

 The struggle continues until the children are safe.



The brothers Steven and Dickson Wekesa thanking their god mother for the package.


Atim Petrolina are Thanking her god mother Lisset from UK.


Pastor Musana teaching the children at the orphanage school the Sunday Bible teaching.



A good objective of leadership is to help those who are doing poorly to do well and to help those who are doing well to do even better.We are so happy for our staffs in WDF. For being selfless.
Robert and Paul. Loving and caring for the children is a heart.
God bless you




Visit our orphanage school today and volunteer by teaching English or other subjects. Bring the positive impact in the lives of these orphans under WDF.



Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'
- Martin Luther King

These children were to be supported but unfortunately the donors' contract ended.
Please redeem these children. They are in our orphanage school now.
Support them with fees, clothes and health care.

23/06/2017 Happy and Thankful moments

It gives me more joy to see some of the children attending school and enjoying the benefits from our foundation.
Little Rihanna and Lauzati with Steven Hynes just from school.
Not many children can acquire such education in Uganda. When they are vulnerable.
Blessings to all our friends, partners and supporters of WDF in fulfilling it's Mission.


28/05/2017 - THANK YOU

The children were so happy, everyone wanted to make a picture with the director Pastor Steven. All children say Thank you to our donors. We welcome everyone to be a part of wama development foundation (WDF).


28/05/2017 - Badminton

It was a very happy moment for Okware Alfred if our worker Mr. Godfrey played badminton with him.

20/05/2017 - Great Evening

We had a wonderful evening on the construction side, together with the children and the staff. See how it was......

All children are very happy and excited as they stand on their expected new home, the orphanage home.

Children and the director are singing in front of the new orphanage home. And he teach the children a new song. They all had a great evening.

The orphanage children planting trees in the foundation new premises.

Children thanking the Germany and UK donors for the support towards the orphanage construction.


My life story

My name is Nalubega Nasimu, I live in the Bugiri Eastern part of Uganda and I am 15 years old. As I tell you this story I hope you will identify with me and my situation that I have lived all these years. I live with my two sisters Nalubanga Doreen 10 years old and Nakwanga Basi 8 years old.

I lost my parents in 2013, they were mainly farmers and when they died our relatives chased us from the land we had been living. None of us knew the reason or disease behind their sudden death until when we were told, but speculations and rumor has it that they were AIDS . On the side of our mother, they had some land but following the fact that everybody had died in the home, we went to stay in the small-old grass thatched house that was left in the home.

We moved there, we didn’t have food, clothes and money to buy anything. The community we moved was very new and nobody knew us so it was hard for people to come to our rescue. I remember the first three days at our new home we didn’t have any food but we were at least lucky to have somewhere to sleep because in our original home, we had slept out of the house for two weeks as were thinking of where to go.

The house we were staying had been left a couple of years before, so it was liking and termites had invaded it…but we were happy with that, it was good enough. Being the eldest of my siblings I had to get out of my comfort zone and went out to neighbors asking if I could dig for them in their gardens so that they could give us some food. Some suspicious ones didn’t give me the job but others just called me and gave two or three fingers of cassava for digging a large chunk of their garden.

That is how we survived through life…we all cried and missed our parents for who they had been…very loving and great parents to us! We miss them a bunch! I have grown to be the bread winner for my siblings; I have been made to learn the hard way.

Some village vagabonds broke into our house one night and raped all of us, they raped from one person to the other and I feel sick about this memory. I feel terrible about men, Why did they have to add torture to us when life was giving us a fair share already? Not knowing anyone, we had to live with the trauma and nursed our stigma alone. It was hard to move on and the fact that I couldn’t save my sisters still haunts me up to now!

We have lived with the same clothes that we used three years ago and that was what our survival! One morning a neighbor demanded to know who we were lest, she would command the people to throw us away out of the home….I told her of our story and she was touched, she went home and picked a basket of sweet potatoes for us. Every time I fell sick, we didn’t eat until I became well, this state made my young sisters begin working for people like fetching for them water and collect for them firewood such that we could have something to eat.

Until later the hope we had in the neighborhood woman who helped us later ended when her husband told her to stop helping us, it was another hurting period of my life together with my two young sisters.

It was one day when Pastor Steven the director of WDF saw me begging for money on the street that he called me and took me to his office where I met other children like me who needed help, and who were preparing to be taken to other boarding school, this was this year 2017 in January.

I was told I will be helped with my two sisters, it was last month that we had to be registered and we are hoping for some one merciful to sponsor me and my sisters so we can go to school and also have clothes and food and have a roof over our heads.

 God has been good, we still live to date!

 My dream is to become a teacher


16/05/2017 Happy children

Our orphans who receive education in the community at our orphanage school, showing their termly reports and aggregates, the little support given always helps the orphanage school run and also make sure the children have a basic need of education. Please your welcome to volunteer in our orphanage school.





17/04/2017 PLEASE HELP


We are facing alot of drought and food in the orphanage is hard to get inorder to feed the children and in our orphanage school

We are seeking for 6 sacks of Cornflour and beans together with Rice to save the orphans from starving.

We therefore, call upon friends of WDF to stand with us in our project of wama children of uganda, the goal of feeding and educating the Ugandan orphans.

Please your urgent response postively so we can provide a plate of food to the orphans is welcomed.

Please inbox me,

or email us at Info.wdfuganda@gmail.com

or pastor.stevenhynes@gmail.com

or connect to our Country Administrators in Germany, UK and Uganda



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